The security upgrade for your high-speed business internet connection.

Internet plus security

Add the Secure Option.

The latest generation of network protection.

The Secure Option from PŸUR Business offers companies a convenient and cost-effective security solution for their business internet connection. Thanks to the security functions already integrated in the hardware, business customers benefit from a high-speed internet connection with comprehensive cyber security protection. Simply book the Secure Option in conjunction with your internet connection. 

PŸUR Business Secure Option benefits.

A fast, secure internet connection

The basis for the Secure Option is a fast, stable and secure high-speed internet connection with guaranteed minimum bandwidths.

Premium hardware

Check Point’s premium CPE is a next-generation firewall and powerful business internet router in one. An additional firewall is not required.

Intuitive self-management

App integration allows you to monitor your data independently with a smartphone around the clock.

What’s included in the Secure Option?

By choosing the Secure Option, you will get added security for your business data to go with your powerful internet connection. In addition, you will benefit from access to a high-quality CPE with security features from one of the leading cyber security solution providers. The Secure Option from PŸUR Business is characterized by numerous other features:

High-speed internet

  • Internet Pro comes with a fiber optics connection with point-to-point architecture right to your office and high-speed data transmission up to 1,000 Mbit/s, which can be increased up to 100 Gbit/s on request
  • Internet Plus comes with a high-speed internet connection based on fiber optics, DOCSIS, DVSL or DSLAM with symmetrical and asymmetrical bandwidths up to 1,000 Mbit/s
  • Direct connection to the redundant, high-availability internet backbone of PŸUR Business
  • Data flat rate without throttling or forced disconnection from the internet
  • Business support with constant availability depending on service level agreement 

Network security

  • Professional and reliable safeguarding of the corporate network
  • Highly effective, multi-layered protection against cyber attacks, including zero-day malware
  • Support for the PAP structure recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BIS)
  • Mobile VPN for a secure home office work environment
  • Firewall access control with customizable set of rules, URL filtering, application control and network segmentation
  • Anti-virus, anti-bot, anti-spam, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) to protect against attacks

Premium hardware

  • Using forefront security technology from the leading security software company Check Point
  • LTE-ready thanks to Dual SIM for internet connection backup
  • Hardware including integrated WLAN access point
  • Anytime access to the CPE via an innovative management console
  • Includes next-generation firewall with cloud emulation for detecting and blocking unknown malware
  • Shared CPE for internet and security software reduces sources of error
  • Advanced networking (dynamic routing)

Secure Option plans and bandwidths.


Simply add the Secure Option to your Internet Pro or Internet Plus connection. You can choose from a range of symmetrical and asymmetrical plans.

Internet Pro

Internet Pro comes with a symmetrical fiber optics connection with point-to-point architecture right to your office and high-speed data transmission up to 1,000 Mbit/s - and even up to 100 Gbit/s on request.

Internet Plus

Internet Plus comes with a high-speed internet connection based on fiber optics, DOCSIS, VDSL or DSLAM with asymmetrical bandwidths up to 1,000 Mbit/s.

Combine PŸUR Business Internet with other business customer products.


If you opt for the PŸUR Business Internet connection with Secure Option, you can choose from a wide range of additional services that can be added at will to suit your company’s needs. These include the following options:

Telephone connection

Our IP telephone connections pave the way for reliable and secure communication in the day-to-day business of any company. You can choose one of our three plans Voice Basic, Voice Pro or Voice ISDN based on the size of your company.

Data Center

Your business data will be securely stored and made available in our data centers in Berlin and Leipzig. Both data centers are certified to the highest standard and optimally connected using redundant fiber optics connections.



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