Fiber for business: modern fiber optic connections for companies.

Internet Pro for successful business customers

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Internet Pro.

Fiber optics for enterprises is the solution that will enable you to keep up with the fast pace of business processes. A fast and stable internet connection is essential in this respect. Opt for a direct fiber optic connection and future-oriented communication with your business customers, partners and suppliers. Read here why fiber optics is worthwhile for your company and which PŸUR Business fiber optics plan is the right one for your company.

Fiber optics for business: Why is a fiber optics connection important for companies?


Companies have to overcome many challenges in the course of day-to-day business. At PŸUR Business, we have set ourselves the goal of meeting each and every one of your individual needs in the fiber optics for business segment:

  • Fast, secure and stable fiber optics-based internet connection with guaranteed minimum bandwidths
  • Flexible adjustment and scaling of bandwidths in terms of upload/download rates according to current demand
  • High-availability internet connection
  • Management of large data volumes and seamless exchange of information/data
  • Line connection financed via rental model instead of one-off investment

A fiber optic connection is the ideal type of connection for speeding up your business processes.

In this video, we explain how high-speed internet can become a competitive advantage for companies.

PŸUR Business fiber optic connection benefits.


You can rely on a fast, stable and secure fiber optic internet connection that comes in many product variants.


You can also opt for cyber-security network protection with our high-quality business CPE from Checkpoint.


Internet Pro is based on a simple pricing model with no additional installation fees or hidden costs.

Personal contact

With us, you will have a personal contact who will answer any questions you may have over the entire duration of the contract.


Our network monitoring team in Leipzig is here to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You have direct contact to our experts.

Fiber optic business plans: Internet Pro.

You decide what is best for your business.

Internet Pro, Internet Plus and Internet Pure Speed Professional are the options that are available to you. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of fiber optics,  Internet Pro  the right choice when it comes to your business internet. Only Internet Pro can offer you seven symmetrical fiber optic-based bandwidths with download and upload speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit/s – and even up to 100 Gbit/s on request. We can guarantee you the following:

  • No data throttling
  • Minimum guaranteed bandwidth
  • No forced disconnection from the internet
  • Premium business support with a resolution time of 8 hours

What companies can benefit from the Internet Pro fiber optic business plan?

Internet Pro is particularly suitable for companies that transfer large volumes of data or rely on high-speed communication via the internet. Internet Pro runs entirely on our own fiber optic infrastructure and has a much higher line capacity than a VDSL connection, for example. As such, it is fail-safe and less susceptible to faults.

All Internet Pro features at a glance.


Improve your business with a fiber optic connection and experience the outstanding performance of Internet Pro for yourself:

  • High-speed data transmission up to 100 Gbit/s
  • Seven symmetrical product variants up to 1,000 Mbit/s as standard
  • Fiber optic direct connection to your building
  • No technical restrictions when scaling to higher bandwidths
  • Guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 90% for both uploads and downloads
  • Data flat rate without throttling or forced disconnection from the internet
  • One fixed public IPv4 address included, 5 fixed public IPv4 addresses available on request
  • Precise cost planning thanks to innovative rental model
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Connected directly to the redundant, high-availability internet backbone of PŸUR Business
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Secure business internet with integrated security option.

With the Secure option from PŸUR Business, you can expand your fiber optic business internet connection to include a fully comprehensive IT security solution. The Secure option guarantees a high level of security for your network because all security-relevant cyber security features are already integrated.

Therefore, a next-generation firewall, monitoring management, patch management, incident management, defense against attacks through anti-virus and anti-bot software, IPS and content inspection come as standard with an internet connection from PŸUR Business.

Protect your company network from attacks and data loss with our optional Secure service and establish secure communication from offices at home to the company network with an encrypted VPN connection.

Internet Pro - symmetrical download and upload bandwidths:

If you opt for Internet Pro, you will get a powerful, stable fiber optic-based connection . You can choose from seven symmetrical plans.


  • Internet Pro 100
  • Internet Pro 200
  • Internet Pro 300
  • Internet Pro 500
  • Internet Pro 600
  • Internet Pro 800
  • Internet Pro 1000

Internet Pro availability.


Internet Pro is available at locations already served by PŸUR Business as well as at those with a predefined distance to the line. You can also ask us to check whether Internet Pro can be provided at PŸUR Business locations that have not yet been connected. If you are unsure whether an Internet Pro fiber optic connection is the best choice for your company, please contact our experienced consulting staff.

Fiber for Business: difference between fiber and DSL/VDSL.


Find out more about the differences between DSL, VDSL and fiber optics and why these differences result in different bandwidths.

Fiber optic connections

Fiber optics transmit information via light waves. As a result, they can achieve significantly higher transmission speeds than conventional copper cable. Fiber optic networks are more stable than copper lines and ensure interference-free telephone and internet use. Even over long distances, only minor signal losses occur.

DSL connections

With a DSL connection, data is transmitted via conventional telephone lines. These run from the exchange to the company building via the distribution box. The length and quality of the line cause the bandwidth to decrease. The greater the distance between the exchange and the receiving station, the lower the transmission speeds. For companies, an internet connection via copper cables is slower than one using fiber optics.

VDSL connections

With a VDSL connection, fiber optic cables run from the exchange to the distribution box. From there, the data packets are transmitted to the company’s premises via the conventional copper lines. This means that business customers can enjoy higher download speeds. However, these speeds are not always stable and cannot compete with fiber optic high-speed internet.

Fiber optic connection for business customers. Combine for a best solution.


To ensure that your company/business benefits from our fiber optic connection to an even greater extent, you can also combine Internet Pro with other products. Don’t just take our word for it - take a look at our additional services for yourself.

Cloud Telephony

Our cloud-based telephony solutions IP Centrex and Managed PBX are customized, powerful and reliable. They are characterized by maximum flexibility, cost efficiency and user-friendliness. You can enhance your fiber solution for business customers by opting for a virtual multi-service platform with first-rate services from a single source.

Cyber Security

Effective and comprehensive protection against cyber attacks for all network types guarantees that business customers have a secure fiber optic solution. Whether it’s for a home office or a large, widely dispersed corporate network, Secure provides comprehensive protection for your data and offers reliable protection for all types of networks.

Private IP Networking

A fiber optic connection is a sensible investment for companies and can be ideally combined with Private IP. With this product extension, you can network your sites via our standardized backbone. This provides you with a cross-locational, high-availability MPLS VPN using the fiber-based infrastructure of PŸUR Business.