Telephone systems for companies. Our telephony solutions will get you connected.

Smart solutions for business customers.


For businesses, a telephone system with a secure and stable connection is indispensable for internal and external communication. With our cloud telephone systems, the matching IP telephone connections and Microsoft Teams integration, we offer reliable telephony solutions for business customers based on our own secure fiber optic and server infrastructure. These can be customized with numerous features to meet the requirements of your day-to-day business.

Your company benefits - telephone connection, telephone systems and teams integration from PŸUR Business. 


Choose a telephone connection, system or Microsoft Teams integration from PŸUR Business for your company and enjoy a wide range of benefits.

All of the benefits at a glance.

Premium quality

Connections are established quickly and the sound quality during calls is brilliant.


The virtual telephone system is easy to operate.


Synchronicity between the transmitter and the receiver and minimal delays during calls thanks to a dedicated transmission range.

Fault clearance

Fastest possible on-site fault clearance on any day in the event of network disruption or complete network failure.

Customizable plans

Domestic and international landline and cell phone rates can be added to plans.

All from one hand

Centralization of communications by combining landline telephony, Microsoft Teams and cloud PBX.

Which telephone system is suitable for my company?

PŸUR Business can provide large, medium and small companies across all industries with telephone systems as a secure and reliable communications solution for everyday business. Our extensive product portfolio includes a range of products for cloud-based telephony.

  • The cloud telephone system for companies, IP Centrex, comes with three user licenses and can be used on numerous end devices.
  • Managed PBX is a professional and flexible cloud-based comprehensive solution that is suitable for companies with at least ten employees. Managed PBX is also available as a local on-site service .

The right telephone connection for your telephone system.


We also offer suitable telephone connections to go with our telephone systems. 

  • Voice Basic is the ideal IP telephone connection for start-ups and small companies. The IP telephone connection is easy to set up. If necessary, additional individual telephones and softphones can be added to the system at any time.
  • Voice Pro is suitable for companies that already have a telephone system and require a direct-dial telephone connection.
  • Voice ISDN is used to operate traditional ISDN telecommunication systems. A change to Voice Basic or Voice Pro is possible at any time.


Bring Microsoft Teams and landline telephony together. With Direct Routing from PŸUR Business.

Until now, Microsoft Teams and public landline and mobile telephony have functioned in two different applications. With Direct Routing from PŸUR Business, the two systems run together and the best of two telephone worlds is combined

Teams Telephony from PŸUR Business enables calls to national and international fixed and mobile networks directly from Microsoft Teams. Create a multifunctional platform for your corporate communications of the future.

Telephone systems and connections for companies. Well-advised with us.

If you are interested in one of our telecommunications solutions, we would be happy to advise you. PŸUR Business can offer you the following services:

  • A comprehensive consultation on our telecommunications solutions
  • Flexible appointments for presenting and demonstrating our telephone systems for companies
  • Detailed recording of your company’s internal and external requirements
  • Development and presentation of migration scenarios
  • Clarification of technical issues
  • Analysis of the company’s internal IT infrastructure
  • Joint preparation of conceptual documents and calculations for quotation

If you would like to arrange a telephone or face-to-face consultation, please feel free to contact us by phone or email – together we will shape your digital transformation process by designing a telephone system for your company.

Additional options for our company telephone solutions.


If you opt for a cloud telephone system or an IP telephone connection from PŸUR Business, these business solutions may also be of interest to you.

Internet Pro

Our high-performance symmetrical fiber optic internet connection with a bandwidth of up to 100 Gbit/s guarantees secure, stable and, most importantly, fast transmission of your company data.

Secure Net

We ensure that corporate networks run smoothly. Our Secure Net cyber security solution will reliably protect your corporate network from all types of attacks.

Private IP

With Private IP, you can network your sites via our standardized IP backbone. The IP address is determined by your company. This ensures a high level of data security and availability.

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