Business streaming. Real-time audio and video transmission.

Audio and video streaming services

Live broadcast

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Go live with PŸUR Business.

Business streaming is the ideal cloud solution for hosting live events and virtual meetings at your company. It will enable you to communicate with visitors on site and your audience watching at home in real time. With PŸUR Business, you will be relying on an impressive business streaming partner when implementing your digital event platforms.

Your business streaming benefits.


With the right business streaming solution , your business customers and employees will stay up to date on important topics at your company. What’s more, you will benefit from the following advantages that our business streaming service offers: 

How you will benefit from PŸUR Business streaming services.

Real time broadcasting

Live public events or events intended for a specific group of customers can be easily arranged with business streaming.

First-rate playout quality

We offer a widely distributed, high-availability streaming platform that is hosted at our own data centers.

High security standards

The security of your data is our top priority. For that reason, we spread the load across two different data centers.

Comprehensive support

Our experienced professionals are here to advise you in each and every phase of your live event. Opt for a first-rate service when it comes to on-site production, transmission and delivery.

Business streaming extras

Additional services available to you: live chat, encryption, participant management and a web player for seamless live broadcasts.

PŸUR Business video streaming for stable and transparent corporate communication.

With our video streaming solutions, you will be able to reach your employees and business partners in a professional manner at any time – live and on-demand. Business video streaming is ideal for product presentations, shareholder meetings and trade show events, as well as for webcasts or concerts. Thanks to our versatile technology, people will be able to experience what your company has to offer from anywhere. By broadcasting video signals via our geo-redundant, high-availability streaming platform, downtime is virtually eliminated. Don’t just take our word for it – choose PŸUR Business video streaming and experience our excellent services for yourself.

  • Support for all common resolutions up to UHD during delivery
  • Broadcast live on the public internet with a maximum bandwidth of 5.5 Mbit/s
  • Support for all common video formats (e.g. UHD 4k)
  • Live and on-demand statistics for evaluating viewer usage behavior
  • Three package variants available (24/month, 24/7 or single event)
  • Web player can be integrated and customized on external customer website
  • Comprehensive packages incl. on-site production, transmission and playout available on request
  • Transparent invoicing based on chosen package and number of simultaneous viewers
Video streaming

Additional video streaming options.

Live chat: moderated live chat enabling you to interact directly with viewers, including a polling module

Live player access restriction: for reliable generation of the access data needed to watch a live broadcast.

Encryption: the video data and player are fully encrypted

Recording on-demand: a recording is made available automatically once the live stream has ended

Shop on-demand: basis for all payment and order transactions on the live and on-demand system

Premium audio streaming services.

Alongside video streaming, audio streaming also plays a major role in corporate communication. Younger target groups in particular tend to listen to the radio on the internet, smartphones and apps. Our high-quality streaming platform allows you to retain your existing listenership, tap into new audiences, and broaden your overall reach. PŸUR Business audio streaming guarantees a high level of broadcasting security and availability. Here is a breakdown of all the key benefits of our audio streaming solution:

  • High transmission quality
  • Analog or digital transmission of audio signals
  • Support for different output qualities and formats
  • Statistics and monitoring tool for listener usage behavior
  • Management tool for registration and administration of streaming URLs
  • Transparent invoicing based on the number of simultaneous listeners
Audio streaming

More options for your audio streaming solution.

Additional extensions for our audio streaming solutions can be used to improve the quality and reliability of live event broadcasts. You can choose from the following product add-ons:

  • Transcoding into other digital broadcasting signals (e.g. AAC+, V2)
  • Stream Manager – web-based administration and analysis tool
  • Meta data enrichment for additional information, such as the title and artist of audio content
  • Web player for integrating your content into your web presence
  • Radio Cockpit – web-based and device-independent monitoring tool for determining the usage behavior of your listeners

Combine business streaming with other products.

Our audio and video streaming products enable you to communicate transparently and in real time with your business customers and employees. If you want to combine your corporate streaming solution with other products, this option is always available to you. You have the following add-ons to choose from:

Internet Pro

Our high-performance symmetrical fiber optic internet connection with a bandwidth of up to 1,000 Mbit/s guarantees secure, stable and, most importantly, fast transmission of your company data. 

Private IP

With Private IP, you can network your sites via our standardized IP backbone. The IP address is determined by your company. This ensures a high level of data security and availability.

Smart Infoscreen

With our flexible digital signage solution, you can make your content visible – for your customers, guests or employees. With the intuitive editorial system, you will be able to keep all your content up to date on a daily basis.