Flexible solutions for data center server rental.

A secure home for your servers.


In our certified data centers in Berlin, Leipzig or Düsseldorf, you can house your servers and data in a secure environment outside your company. Rent a space in the PŸUR Business data center in Berlin, Leipzig or Düsseldorf at best conditions and protect your company data and applications. Benefit from the high flexibility and scalability of our immediately available racks, cages or private rooms. Get your individual offer from PŸUR Business today and rent your space in the data center.


  • Data hosting in Germany means that your company data is subject to the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).
  • The sites in Berlin and Leipzig are easy to reach by car and public transport.
  • The site in Berlin offers a total area of 32,000 m², including 1,800 m² of data center space.
  • The site in Leipzig has a total area of 20,000 m², of which the data center area is 1,400 m².
  • The total room area in Düsseldorf is 116 m². Of this, 55 m² is available for IT use.


  • Highest security standards with TÜViT Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) 4.3 Level 3 (extended), EN 50600 Availability Class 3, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.
  • Preventive fire protection and extinguishing technology throughout the data center, with multiple fire compartments.
  • Highly efficient air conditioning through indirect adiabatic free-air cooling systems in n+1 redundancy.
  • Redundant and uninterruptible power supply (A and B strand).

High availability

  • Our data centers are connected to PŸUR's national high-availability transport network via redundant fiber links.
  • High symmetrical bandwidths available.
  • Multiple Internet access, with up to 200 Gbit/s possible.
  • Data center space for rent is available immediately and can be expanded as needed.

Security guard service

  • Our security service is on duty around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • Video surveillance including electronic intrusion detection system.
  • Access only via a multi-level control system with personal access cards.
  • Securing of racks with lock or card reader.

Virtual redundancy

  • Cloud Connect, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud solutions available on request.
  • Connection to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and others possible.
  • Environmental protection
  • Power supply consists of 100% renewable energy sources.
  • High energy efficiency thanks to low PUE value (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Environmental protection

  • Power supply consists of 100% renewable energy sources.
  • High energy efficiency thanks to low PUE value (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Highest level server housing, colocation and infrastructure as a service. Welcome to the heart of our data centers.

To ensure data center security, we rely on physical barriers, 24-hour guard protection, and multi-level access control systems that we monitor around the clock.

Redundancy is essential for security and reliability in the data center. Our backup power supply system ensures an uninterrupted power supply in the event of an emergency.

Modern air conditioning technology and a fire extinguishing system ensure maximum security for your servers and data. In addition, the data center is divided into several fire compartments.

Renting data center space in Berlin, Leipzig or Düsseldorf. Our services.


You have a variety of usage options at your disposal as soon as you rent a space in our data centers – depending on whether you choose the Leipzig, Berlin or Düsseldorf location. Get your individual offer from PŸUR Business today. All data centers convince with immediately usable and highly available spaces for your servers on a colocation area, in a separated IT cage or a dedicated private room. Regardless of how high your demands are for security, availability and service, the PŸUR Business data centers are guaranteed to meet them.

Data center housing in Leipzig.

If your company is located in central Germany, near Leipzig, then it would be worth renting space at the data center in Leipzig. With PŸUR Business, the following services are available to you:

  • Rack space with cold aisle containment (dimensions: 800 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,400 mm)
  • Individual IT cages with separate access control in custom sizes
  • Private room covering 350 m² with the highest level of security
  • Redundant, uninterruptible power supply (A and B line)
  • Redundant air conditioning and fiber optic in-house cabling 
  • Optional data connections
  • Access control and intrusion detection system
  • Fire protection, fire alarm and extinguishing technology

Data center housing in Berlin.

If you would like to rent space in the Berlin data center, choose the product variant that suits your company’s needs:

  • Rack space: with a standard area of 800 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,000 mm; our customers opt for a height of either 19 or 42 units.
  • Cages: our lockable steel mesh security cage is available in both sizes with custom dimension and design. You can decide on the appropriate number of racks in a personal consultation.
  • Private room: if you require more space, a monitored, lockable 300 m² room would be a good choice. We will work with you to determine the design of the room and the number of racks.

Data center housing in Düsseldorf.

At the data center in Meerbusch, you can rent state-of-the-art colocation space for your high-availability data storage. And this at fair prices.  Modern IT space  is available to you in the middle of the Rhine metropolitan region of Düsseldorf and Duisburg.

  • Dedicated IT room with climate control panel and meet-me room
  • Availability class corresponds to standard TIER 3
  • Access 24 hours / 365 days with 3-factor authentication
  • All-round video surveillance, intrusion alarm system, motion detectors
  • Redundant, uninterruptible power supply (A and B line)
  • Mains backup system in the form of 4 diesel generators; operating time 72 hrs.
  • Fire alarm system with RAS - smoke aspiration system, gas extinguishing system
  • ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC1, SOC2 certifications

Rent servers in our data center. Personal consultation with PŸUR Business.

If you are not sure which product variant is suitable for your company, please feel free to arrange a personal consultation appointment. Our consulting experts will work with you to develop a communications solution that is individually tailored to your company’s needs.

Arrange your free and non-binding consultation now.

Managed Services for your server space in the data center.

360° Managed Service.

Are you looking for ways to lighten the load on your internal IT? With our full managed service partner, we organize your IT operations. The service desk looks after your own and your off premise environment, your cloud or hybrid solution. We provide holistic support for your IT with fast response times at a fixed monthly price. Both remotely and on-site.

Expert on Demand.

Do you have bottlenecks in your IT department and need to cover peaks? With the Expert on Demand service, you benefit from personal consulting as well as highly qualified and certified support for your IT infrastructure. You can rely on in-depth expertise, a wealth of experience and close wiring to the various technology partners.

IT Monitoring.

Would you like to significantly minimize your IT risks? Seamless monitoring of the IT landscape ensures that faults are detected, escalated and documented. Well-documented monitoring data also enables strategic decisions to be made regarding capacity planning, performance and cost analysis. Let us observe your infrastructure professionally with our monitoring.

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Additional services and solutions from PŸUR Business.


If you choose to rent space in the PŸUR Business data center for your company, you can flexibly add various services and communication solutions for your company:

DE-CIX Leipzig

At the DE-CIX Internet exchange in Leipzig, we offer cloud connect and peering services based on high-performance fiber-optic Internet connections. With our peering services, you reduce latency times many times over. Redundant connections provide direct access to over 50 leading cloud service providers.

IaaS Solutions

With our Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution, you can outsource and professionally host your IT system landscapes in our own, highly available and secure data center in Leipzig. Choose the German Business Cloud. 

Cyber Security

Our Secure Net Pro and DDoS Protection security solutions provide optimum protection for your corporate network against cyberattacks. Benefit from multi-layered protection at all network levels.