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DDoS Protection from PŸUR Business.

Cyber Security before the attack reaches your network.

Cyberattacks are the biggest business risks for companies worldwide. They are increasing overall and peaking faster and faster. They mostly come in form of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

PŸUR Business combines approaches at the edge network and in the backbone to protect its own network. In order to also protect customer networks, DDoS protection is available as an optional service for our internet connections.

The range of DDoS tools is large. Why choose DDoS protection from PŸUR Business?

Established solution

DDoS protection already starts in the PŸUR network before the connection reaches your company network.


DDoS protection from PŸUR Business is cheaper than solutions from specialized manufacturers.


Many years of expertise in network security and regular exchange with the CERT community.

Strong infrastructure. Strong network. Defend DDoS attacks on several levels.

A DDoS attack exploits capacity limitations that exist for every network resource, such as the infrastructure on which a company's site is hosted. With these so-called volume attacks, the traffic reaches its maximum value within a very short time and paralyzes the network systems. As a result, conventional protection and defense measures cannot be effective.

The infrastructure of PŸUR Business combines approaches on the edge network and in the backbone and, with its high data throughput within its own network, already offers basic protection against volume attacks.

DDoS Schutz Schema

Multi-level protection for all defense scenarios.


In order to secure your networks even better, we offer two different DDoS protection variants as optional services on the network level 3/4 for our Internet connections. They contain processes and systems that help to defend direct attacks on services and infrastructure.

In addition, we recommend Secure Net Pro for protection at the application level.

Rules-based protection.

Basic Automatic Response.

Control of data traffic via an upstream router with multiple connection bandwidths in our backbone.


  • Limit volume before traffic reaches your network
  • Filter rules for well-known attacks: DNS, NTP, UDP and ICMP attacks
  • Requirement: PŸUR Business internet connection

Reactive protection.

DDoS Defense Service.

24/7 - service to combat DDoS attacks in the event of an attack.


  • Mitigation upon request
  • Volume limitation and BGP flowspec rules at the edge routers
  • Black holing if required
  • Requirement: PŸUR Business internet connection

Network and application protection.

Secure Net Pro with SIEM.

Additional protection at the application level through Secure Net Pro with SIEM.


  • Next generation firewalls, WAFs and VPN for every infrastructure scenario
  • Management and SIEM via cyber security platform
  • Advice from network and security experts

*DDoS protection from PŸUR Business is available from a monthly fee of €49. The price is subject to a one-time setup fee of €249.

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