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Cyber Security for companies.

Secure Net Pro from PŸUR Business.

With Secure Net Pro, PŸUR Business offers companies a comprehensive IT security solution for every network and every setup. Secure Net Pro can be integrated into your existing infrastructure and managed via a central platform.

Secure Net Pro, the cybersecurity solution for your company, protects all business data and the corporate network from dangerous cyber attacks, because complex hacker attacks are increasing every year. 

Ransomware, Trojans, key loggers, phishing and spam can have devastating consequences, such as system downtime, data theft and even ransom demands. Choose the IT security solution Secure Net Pro from PŸUR Business to protect yourself from such attacks and reap the following benefits.

How you can benefit from the cyber security solution from PŸUR Business.

Complete network security

This IT security solution ensures that both large corporate networks and home workstations have a secure company network.

Comprehensive protection

Your company network and all business data will be optimally protected against cyberattacks thanks to reliable software from market leader Check Point.

Managed services

The cyber security solution comprises network commissioning, support and maintenance as well as monitoring, patch and incident management.


Thanks to a centralized and intuitive management interface, you will be able to manage the firewall infrastructure both easily and reliably.


Extensive event and reporting functionality (SIEM) enables a fast response to security incidents thanks to high levels of visibility and transparency.

Cyber security solutions. Scope of services.

Our IT security solution Secure Net Pro offers you many functions for protecting your data and your network:


Best-in-class management console with Security and Event Management (SIEM):

  • Customer access for shared management in operation: access policy, threat prevention policy
  • Using a security management app, customers can monitor their network events and configure policies in real time
  • The configuration is continuously analyzed and, in the event of deviations, advice is provided on how to rectify the non-compliance

Access control: protection against unwanted access from the outside and when accessing the Internet through:

  • Stateful firewall with DoS (Denial-Of-Service) protection.
  • DMZ - zone protection in your network
  • VPN - IPsec networking of remote sites and mobile users
  • URL Filtering - category-based URL policy
  • Application Control - application based policy in addition to TCP/UDP port evaluation

Intelligent attack defense:

  • IPS - Intrusion Prevention System protects against protocol and application vulnerabilities
  • Anti-Bot, Anti-Virus (checking network protocols against more than 4.5 million signatures), Anti-SPAM and E-Mail Security - basic protection
  • Zero-Day Protection
  • Detection and blocking of unknown malware (emulation of documents in a sandbox)
  • SSL/TLS Encryption

Management App: Actively warns of security threats from attacks or access to unauthorized devices

Professional or Premium SLAs

Cyber security solutions as a cloud application.


In addition to working with local data centers and using outsourced data center capacity, companies have a growing preference for flexible and scalable cloud services. These cloud services and increased employee mobility are changing the requirements for reliable network security. Alongside Secure Net Pro, our all-in-one solution will provide your organization with the following functions:

  • Centralized provision of network and security-as-a-service functions in a cloud solution
  • A console for managing network and security tools
  • Fail-safe and geo-redundant infrastructure in our certified data centers
  • Optimized and secure access to your public cloud resources
  • Standardization of network security and access controls

WAN services and security functions: merged into combined cloud solution.

IT security solutions. The right advice.

Our range of services.

With our IT consulting service, you will get a comprehensive insight into the vulnerabilities and risks associated with your company network. Based on this analysis, our IT security consultants derive necessary measures and provide appropriate recommendations for action.

Our experts offer you personal and company-specific consultations so that we can tailor our Secure Net Pro cyber security solution to your needs.

  • Security risk analysis and assessment associated with your company network
  • IT landscape analysis
  • Recommendations for action to eliminate or prevent vulnerabilities in your company network
  • Penetration test: coordinated and carefully planned security test of your infrastructure
  • Information about web applications that may be dangerous for the company network

Other solutions from our portfolio.

Internet Pro

Our high-performance symmetrical fiber optic internet connection with a bandwidth of up to 1,000 Mbit/s guarantees secure, stable and, most importantly, fast transmission of your company data. 

DDoS Protection

To secure your networks even better, we offer three different DDoS protection variants. They include processes and systems that serve to defend against direct attacks on services and infrastructure.

Virtual Private Cloud

With our Infrastructure as a Service solution (IaaS), you can outsource your IT system landscapes to our secure, high-availability data center in Leipzig and have them professionally hosted.