Site networking – optimal protection for your corporate network.

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With intelligent site networking, you can improve communication with your employees and business partners. When it comes to networking your offices, buildings or branch offices, we can support you with reliable, redundant network connections. This way, we can ensure that your sites are fully and securely connected. Speed up your internal communications right now with our best-in-class networking solutions.

Our powerful business internet networking solutions enable you to link multiple sites within your corporate network – nationwide. In addition, you will reap the following benefits:

Site networking benefits with PŸUR Business.

Secure connection

Put your trust in our closed site networking with maximum data security and flexible bandwidths of up to 100 Gbit/s.

High-performance products

We make use of well-established, standardized MPLS/DWDM or SD-WAN technology in our PŸUR business network.

High availability

The required bandwidth in the network is prioritized and reserved.

Fast internet

All WLAN solutions are based on redundant, state-of-the-art and secure fiber optic and server infrastructure.

Location-independent communication

Connecting your headquarters with branch offices, data centers and colleagues working remotely improves your company’s internal processes and ensures an efficient flow of information.

Personal support

With us, you will have a personal contact to assist you throughout the entire contract period. Our network monitoring team in Leipzig is here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

PŸUR Business secure site networking. Ethernet, MPLS, SD-WAN and WLAN.


When you opt for an IT solution from PŸUR Business, you have a choice of three different methods for networking your sites: Ethernet, MPLS, SD-WAN or Business WLAN. Take a look at the variety of site networking options for yourself.


Ethernet Line is a powerful network solution from PŸUR Business. It provides you with high and scalable bandwidths for your point-to-point or backup connections for your network.


This type of site networking is available in two product variantsEthernet Line Premium and Ethernet Line Regio. Network your offices, floors or buildings with each other and ensure smooth communication across locations.


Ethernet Line is also suitable for connecting to a data center


Another internet networking method is MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching). In contrast to Ethernet networks, we provide MPLS networks in this case. Private IP from PŸUR Business provides you with your own cross-site, high-availability network based on the MPLS-Backbone, helping you securely network your sites without taking a detour via the public internet and protecting sensitive company data.


Site networking takes place via the PŸUR Business infrastructure or through specified partner carriers. We guarantee impressive levels of data security and availability.


With SD-WAN Business, you can network and manage your sites cost-effectively. This enables you to quickly and securely integrate widely distributed environments into your network and access them.


You will be able to flexibly integrate different network technologies, consolidating your bandwidth. Data streams can be set up securely and easily, controlled and monitored with software – regardless of whether fiber optics, DSL, LTE or radio relay systems are used.


We offer two flexible connection types for setting up your site connection: SD-WAN Internet or SD-WAN Networking.

Business WLAN

Our Business WLAN gives you maximum flexibility when using the internet. Provide your employees, customers and guests with a stable, secure and wireless network. The PŸUR Business WLAN Hotspot Solution is based on our redundant, state-of-the-art fiber optic and server infrastructure. Additional security appliances will protect your WLAN and close critical security gaps.


Useful additions such as security cameras and additional cloud storage will enhance your WLAN. We provide you with comprehensive advice regarding your customized networking solution.

Services for optimizing site networking.

Digitization does not exclude networking on the internet and the transmission of data across the boundaries of internal networks. For professional, tailor-made services and networking concepts, collaborative planning is essential for success. This is the only way we can develop complex networks to meet your requirements and expectations, or take into account issues such as optimum data speeds, fail-safety, data security and migration from stand-alone connections. Benefit from our many years of customer experience as a network operator and carrier.