SD-WAN Business. Network management of the future.

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Networking your company the intelligent way.

Whether it’s for individual offices, campus environments, widely dispersed company buildings, or mobile workstations, SD-WAN Business allows you to network and manage your sites in a software-based manner. Without any dependency on the line technology and the provider.

This means that data streams can be set up, controlled and monitored intelligently and securely, regardless of whether fiber optics, DSL, LTE/5G or radio relay systems are used.

Intelligent SD-WAN networking from PŸUR Business.


A centralized platform is used to integrate and control your network services, meaning that applications can be connected and your company network can be managed with ease. Here are your benefits and more:

Benefits of SD-WAN Business.

Networked and integrated

Fast, secure and simple networking of sites through flexible integration of various technologies and line types.

Unhindered transmission

Intelligent control processes allowing seamless data transfer throughout the networks and low interference in operation.

Connection prioritization

Optimized routing and intelligent, application-based prioritization of your data traffic for the best possible performance.

Wide range of combinations

Compatible with PŸUR Business Private IP and internet connections from any provider.


High degree of resilience thanks to efficient line bundling through parallel use of multiple lines.

Cost reduction

Expensive, rigid MPLS lines are replaced with cheaper, flexible broadband while enabling secure VPN connectivity.

With SD-WAN Business, you can link different network technologies in a flexible manner, bundling your bandwidth. Data streams can be set up, controlled and monitored securely and easily, regardless of whether fiber optics, DSL, LTE or radio relay systems are used.

Flexible connection for needs-based application.


With SD-WAN Business, we can offer you two different ways to achieve site connectivity. Choose your ideal use case with SD-WAN Internet or SD-WAN Networking.

SD-WAN Business Internet.

Want to be reachable at your company location over all lines and at all times through your fixed IP address, irrespective of your provider? Do you also want to be able to bundle your bandwidth when necessary? Then SD-WAN Business Internet is the right choice for you. 

SD-WAN Business Networking.

Want to network your company in a simple, intelligent and line-independent way using your on-site line technology? Then SD-WAN Business Networking is the product you’ve been looking for. Sites are networked in an encrypted manner.

SD-WAN business products.

A smart all-in-one SD-WAN Business router is included.

Within our two different product versions, you can choose from seven variants in each case - with different bandwidths and download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit/s. This way, you can determine the optimal speed for your needs. With all product variants, you have the option of adding a Next Generation Firewall.

  • SD-WAN Business 100
  • SD-WAN Business 200
  • SD-WAN Business 300
  • SD-WAN Business 500
  • SD-WAN Business 600
  • SD-WAN Business 800
  • SD-WAN Business 1000

Upload speed may vary depending on the lines used


PŸUR Business Premium SD-WAN.

All-in-one CPE with integrated LTE and secure option for bundling your services via a business end device.  


With intelligent site networking from PŸUR Business, you can control your data in real time and unify your entire IT architecture in a single solution. SD-WAN Business promises an improved user experience, enhanced security and simplified application management. You can make SD-WAN Business a comprehensive solution by adding in a secure and LTE option.

Take a look at the technological added value for yourself:

  • Flexible integration of different technologies & line types (MPLS, fiber optics, Ethernet, DSL, LTE/5G)
  • High resilience through efficient line bundling, brought through parallel use of multiple lines
  • Optimized routing and application-based prioritization of data traffic for best possible performance
  • Improved network security due to encrypted transmission and advanced security features
  • Automatic identification of the best transmission route with the lowest packet loss
  • Disruption-free and uninterrupted use of services by prioritizing critical applications, such as SaaS applications