DE-CIX Leipzig. Cloud Connect for central Germany.

Simple. Flexible.


Your direct flight to the cloud.

Leipzig is home to the first internet exchange point in central Germany. In the future, companies will benefit from swift data exchange, low latency and stable networks. Together with DE-CIX we are creating the digitization base for Leipzig.

With Leipzig’s DE-CIX internet exchange point, we can offer cloud connect and peering services based on high-performance fiber optic internet connections. You can combine these with security and cloud solutions provided by our data center in Leipzig.

With increasing data volumes and growing numbers of applications, connectivity to the cloud is now one of the most important factors for corporate success. Reap these benefitswith Cloud Connect.

Your benefits.

Secure and powerful

A secure solution that meets the growing number of digital challenges you face in your day-to-day business.


Maximum flexibility in terms of your cloud setup and portfolio.

Versatile connectivity

We offer simple and redundant connections to over 50 leading cloud service providers.


No vendor lock-in as you can easily switch or add cloud connections. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios are feasible.

Global peering

With our peering services, you will improve your network quality and reduce latency many times over.

Best in class

Put your faith in industry-leading SLAs and premium service levels.

DE-CIX Leipzig products.

Once you have access to our Cloud Exchange, you can choose the interconnection services you need. However, access can also be arranged independently of these services.

Cloud Connect

Direct Cloud.

With Cloud Connect, you will benefit from secure connections, low latency and guaranteed service levels. We are also happy to integrate your existing infrastructures into modern hybrid and multi-cloud concepts. 
  • Cloud Exchange via VLAN with over 50 cloud service providers
  • Private, direct connection that bypasses the internet
  • Direct connection with low latency
  • Simple and fast set-up
  • Networking with other ISPs is also possible


Reach all networks.

Improve your network quality and reduce latency. The GlobePEER service connects you to thousands of networks.


  • Improved network quality
  • Lowest latency
  • Very high availability levels
  • Improvement in speed and reliability of your IP services
  • Lower IP transit and network costs
  • Control over how your data is routed
  • Redundancy and flexible bandwidth

Virtual PNI

Private interconnection.

You can establish virtual private connections between any two points within one or more metropolitan areas.


  • Increases the reach of your network
  • For MPLS connections, enterprise network traffic, or transit or paid peering distribution
  • Flexible bandwidths from 100 Mbit/s up to 100 GE
  • No additional cross connect costs
  • No additional hardware costs

What is an internet exchange point?

Straight into the cloud. Fast. Simple. Stable and secure.

There are many ways to get to the cloud. But only one direct one. With PŸUR Business Cloud Connect, you have direct access to the service provider of your choice via the Cloud Exchange. This graphic shows the route that your direct connection will take. 

Your route to us.

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