Fast and professional WLAN solutions for businesses.

More than a hotspot.

Business WLAN.

A powerful and secure WLAN solution is essential for companies looking to stay in touch with business customers and visitors. Alongside Ethernet and MPLS, WLAN is an important networking solution for companies. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, for hotel guests, event participants or employees – managed WLAN solutions from PŸUR Business are stable, easy to install and scalable to any environment and for any industry.

WLAN solutions for enterprises. Your added value.


With the right company WLAN hotspot, you and your customers will be able to surf the internet quickly and securely. This way, you not only present yourself as a modern company to your guests, but also strengthen important customer relationships at the same time. Here is a breakdown of all the important benefits.

Your benefits.

Fast connection

All WLAN solutions are based on redundant, state-of-the-art fiber optic and server infrastructure.

High scalability

Put your trust in flexible, scalable and customized WLAN hotspot solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

Optimal protection

The security of your data is our highest priority. Protect your public hotspots with a smart, integrated firewall security solution.

Custom use

Our professional WLAN solutions are suitable for permanent installations or for temporary events.

Simple operation

Take a look at our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard for yourself. You can make numerous user settings yourself thanks to the web-based configuration interface.

Personal support

We will provide you with comprehensive advice on the ideal WLAN solution for your company. Our technical customer service team is here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fast and stable company WLAN.

With our WLAN hotspot solution, we will provide you with powerful indoor and outdoor access points and switches. At PŸUR Business, we work with state-of-the-art and future-oriented fiber optic and server infrastructure. Our business WLAN solutions for companies guarantee maximum flexibility when it comes to internet usage and provide your customers with stable, secure and fast access to relevant content. With a professional WLAN solution from PŸUR Business, you will benefit from the following services:

  • Components individually combined depending on technical requirements
  • High-performance, high-end hardware from world market leader Cisco or value-for-money prize winner Cambium
  • Detailed analysis of user behavior, evaluations and statistics
  • Integrated SPLASH page for addressing users
  • User management through vouchers, the web portal or social media
  • NGN firewall, security and filtering options
  • Integrated bandwidth management

WLAN security solutions for enterprises.

Looking for useful additions to your WLAN hotspot? Additional security appliances protect your business WLAN from uninvited guests and close critical security gaps. You have the option of adding security cameras and sensors, extra cloud storage and WLAN access via QR code in combination with Smart Infoscreen. We can advise you on your custom WLAN solution at any time.

WLAN solutions for enterprises: WLAN Plus and WLAN Secure.

With WLAN Plus and WLAN Secure, we operate a WLAN hotspot service that is dependent on the existing technical and operational facilities in your environment. This allows your customers to transfer data (text, images, etc.) over the internet. We provide interfaces to other networks and transfer IP packets between the connected computers.

WLAN solutions tailored to the size of the company

WLAN Plus and WLAN Secure are aimed exclusively at tradespeople, companies, and institutions with publicly accessible locations and regular public traffic. 

Scope of our WLAN solutions for enterprises

The scope of services for our WLAN solutions includes the set-up process on the central platform as standard. We also actively monitor all WLAN Plus and WLAN Secure installations to ensure they are functioning properly. WLAN Plus and WLAN Secure are designed to accommodate approx. 50-300 simultaneous users per access point, depending on the internet connection and application used.

WLAN Secure also includes several WLAN access points, PoE switches and firewalls. The solution is suitable for serving complex terrain structures or higher subscriber density indoors. It is possible to have multiple SSID (max. 15). Internal applications and hotspot services can be used simultaneously with WLAN Secure.

Combine company WLAN solutions with additional products.


Our WLAN solutions for companies can be expanded to include other products at any time. The following additions would be useful.

Internet Pro

Our high-performance symmetrical fiber optic internet connection with a bandwidth of up to 1,000 Mbit/s guarantees secure, stable and, most importantly, fast transmission of your company data.

Smart Infoscreen

With our flexible digital signage solution, you can make your content visible – for your customers, guests or employees. With the intuitive editorial system, you will be able to keep your content up to date on a daily basis.

Virtual Private Cloud

With our Infrastructure as a Service solution, you can outsource your IT system landscapes to our secure, high-availability data center in Leipzig and have them professionally hosted. 



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