Communication of the future with Microsoft Teams and Direct Routing.

The best of both worlds.

Microsoft Teams connectivity to your landline and mobile network.

Telephony with Microsoft Teams is becoming more and more standard in many companies. Video telephony makes it possible to hold conferences with hundreds of participants, chat on the side, share files and much more. 

But why is it not yet possible to make calls to the public landline and mobile network with Microsoft Teams? With Direct Routing from PŸUR Business,  Teams telephony is now reality. 

Find out everything you need to know about combining Microsoft Teams with your classic telephony. 

Teams Telephony from PŸUR Business enables you to make calls to national and international landline and mobile networks directly from Microsoft Teams. Make or receive landline calls directly from your MS Teams interface. In combination with our cloud phone systems, you enable forward-looking communication for your employees.

Your options and benefits with a Microsoft Teams connection.

Integration of all communication channels

By coupling Microsoft Teams with the fixed network, you can centralize your communication channels. This enables seamless communication across multiple channels.

Easily use advanced features

Access advanced features available on the fixed-line phone network, such as call forwarding, call queuing, call recording, and interactive voice menus.

Unified user interface

Manage calls from a single user interface. Employees can make and receive calls directly from their Microsoft Teams client without having to switch between different devices or applications.

Scalability and flexibility

Continue to use your existing phone lines or add additional VoIP capacity as needed. For easy scaling and customization to meet your business needs.

Cost savings through unified IT landscape

Integration eliminates the cost of separate hardware and maintenance tasks because everything can be handled through the Microsoft Teams client.

The perfect combination. Teams telephony with an IP telephone connection and a cloud telephone system from PŸUR Business.

Select the right telephony combination for your Teams connection.


To make the most of all the functions of the Teams connection, you need an IP telephone connection or a cloud telephone system from PŸUR Business. Use Teams Telephony in combination with our Voice Pro connection or our IP Centrex or Managed PBX telephone systems as a complete telephony solution for your company. Select the combination that suits your needs or ask for advice on other options.

Teams Coupling with VoIP connection.

  • Easy setup with minimal effort
  • Flexibility through various tariffs, both by call volume and flat rates to landlines, mobile phones and abroad
  • First-class voice quality (Quality of Service - QoS)
  • High voice and service quality with a fiber-optic Internet connection

Teams Coupling with Cloud PBX system.

  • All Voice Pro features integrated
  • Fast setup via convenient user interface
  • High diversity of endpoints with auto-provisioning
  • Scalable solution with the most relevant PBX features
  • Automatic migration and integration of existing PBXs
  • User management and administration via app

Requirements for your Microsoft Teams integration.


The use of PŸUR Business Teams telephony requires Microsoft Teams licensing. This is possible with the Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E5 licenses. For both the E1 and E3 licenses, a so-called Phone System license is additionally required per user. All of these licenses are available from certified Microsoft partners or directly from Microsoft.

Here we summarize the possible licensing models that are necessary for a Microsoft Teams integration:

PYUR Business Direct Routing

These solutions from our portfolio can be optimally combined with Teams Telephony.

IP Telephone Connection Voice

With Voice and Voice Pro from PŸUR Business, you can make low-cost calls over the Internet. First-class voice quality, fast and uncomplicated set-up and high data security are just some of the advantages that the Voice products promise.

Cloud telephone systems

With IP Centrex or Managed PBX, the cloud telephone systems from PŸUR Business, you can communicate securely regardless of location. Both solutions offer various connectivity options for a wide range of end devices, strong connectivity and low delays due to real-time data traffic. 

Hosting in our data centers

Store and manage your data in one of our data centers in Berlin, Leipzig or Düsseldorf. Benefit from high flexibility and scalability through readily available racks, cages and private rooms.