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Voice. VoIP-enabled telephone connections.

With the right VoIP provider, you will be able to make low-cost calls over the internet. We will show you what’s important when choosing a suitable IP telephony provider and why IP connections from PŸUR Business are worth your while. When combined with our cloud telephone systems, you will have a fully comprehensive communications solution at your disposal.

PŸUR Business benefits as your VoIP provider.


Outstanding voice quality, a user-friendly interface and a modern cloud telephone system are just a few of the benefits promised by the multitude of VoIP providers on the market. Choose PŸUR Business as your VoIP provider and benefit from the following advantages:



Available in different connection variants.

Simple and flexible

Voice telephone connections are quick and easy to set up and can be easily extended to include additional functions.


Stringent data security and compliance with European data protection directives.


Various ways of combining Voice with internet connections.


Secure outside lines for large and small telephone systems.


A range of plans at fair prices.

Internet Plus for small and medium-sized companies.

Your VoIP connection is only as good as your internet connection.

Internet Plus from PŸUR Business combines internet and telephony to perfection.

An internet and telephony solution for business customers from a single source is the ideal combination of security, availability and service quality for day-to-day operations.

PŸUR Business as your personal VoIP provider. High-performance products.

You will feel better connected to your customers with our telephony solutions. Reap the benefits of our modern, high-quality SIP-based IP telephone line by using multiple IP-based voice connections. Here is a comprehensive overview of our products and what they can offer you.


Voice Basic.

  • Multi-device connection (IP)
  • For running VoIP end devices, e.g. VoIP telephones and soft client
  • One or more SIP accounts with one main phone number and two additional phone numbers in each case
  • Two voice channels per connection
  • Suitable for small companies or individual subscribers

Voice Pro.

  • System connection (IP)
  • For operating SIP-enabled PBX systems
  • SIP account with direct dialing capability and number blocks
  • Between 2 and 1,000 voice channels per connection
  • Suitable for companies with a UC/IP PBX system or similar

Voice ISDN.

  • ISDN system connection (IP)
  • For operating traditional ISDN PBX systems
  • Direct-dial SIP account with number blocks
  • Between 2 and 60 voice channels per connection
  • For companies with traditional telephone systems

Maximum line performance with the ideal IP telephony provider.


Voice telephone connections are suitable for use with VoIP-enabled standalone phones or IP-enabled PBXs in any size company. With an internet connection from PŸUR Business, you will enjoy the highest level of quality on a fiber-optic basis. With us as your personal VoIP provider, the following functions will be available to you:

  • A wide range of connection variants from a single device right through to complex telephone systems
  • Single SIP accounts with individual telephone numbers or direct-dial SIP accounts with number blocks
  • High level of voice and service quality with a fiber optic internet connection from PŸUR Business
  • Network monitoring (OMC) in Germany – direct access to experts – 24/7/365 regional on-site fault clearance
  • Transmission of voice packets via Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Short-term scaling of outside lines available
  • Additional options such as a landline and cell phone flat rate

In contrast to a conventional internet telephone connection, Voice can also be used to reach the majority of special numbers. Voice ISDN is the best choice for companies with traditional telephone systems. Migration to VoIP is possible at any time. With our solution, you can take a flexible approach to the future.

Order your VoIP connection now. We are known for providing expert advice.

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Together we will work out which telephony solution is most suitable for your company. Let our consulting experts provide you with comprehensive advice.

How VoIP technology works.


VoIP (Voice-over-IP) stands for voice communication over the internet protocol – the same network is used for both telephony and data transmission. The prerequisite for this internet telephony service is a fast and stable broadband connection (100 kbit/s / voice channel down and up). The telephone conversation is made up of three basic processes:

  1. Dial-up
  2. Call transfer
  3. Disconnection

Dial-up and disconnection are handled via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Voice codes convert the analog voice signals into digital ones, ensuring call transmission. Special Quality-of-Service (QoS) extensions improve the connection quality. 

What does a SIP provider do?


The SIP provider plays a crucial role in a VoIP telephony service. As the central interface, they provide the technical service solutions that enable you to make calls over the internet. The user sets up a user account for this purpose. Once registration is complete, the user receives the access details and, if requested, one or more telephone numbers from the SIP provider. It is also possible to take your old numbers with you to an SIP provider.

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