Excellent telephone and internet solutions for business customers.

Business Internet

Business internet and telephony.

Having a stable telephone and internet connection is extremely important for business customers. To ensure your digital communication is efficient, the best approach is to trust in reliable landlines and the internet. As a business customer, you can rely on powerful and cost-effective telephony, internet and IT solutions – specially tailored to the needs of your company  by choosing PŸUR Business.

Telephone and internet services for business customers.


We are committed to ensuring that you and your employees are satisfied. To offer you the best possible business solution, we make recommendations about excellent services that will bring you even more convenience. Here is our range of internet and telephony solutions for business customers.

Internet Plus

Business internet with telephony for small companies.

  • Pre-configured product variants consisting of internet and SIP voice channels
  • With the option of an international fixed network flat rate in 26 selected countries
  • Available throughout Germany
  • Established network technologies based on GPON, DOCSIS, DSLAM and VDSL

Internet Pure

Our easy tariff for small businesses and individual enterprises.

  • Plans that provide download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit/s and upload speeds of 50 Mbit/s 
  • 1 static IP address free of charge
  • Fritz!Box or WLAN router included
  • Additional options for telephony, security and uploading

IP telephone connection

Scalable VoIP telephone connection.

  • Modern, high-quality IP telephone connections based on SIP for running multiple IP-based voice connections
  • Secure and reliable outside lines for large and small telephone systems
  • High voice and service quality with a fiber optic internet connection from PŸUR Business

Cloud Telephone Systems

Flexible, cloud-based telephone systems.

  • Cloud-based telephony solutions IP Centrex and Managed PBX
  • Maximum flexibility, cost efficiency and user-friendliness
  • Cloud or on-premises telephone systems made possible by state-of-the-art fiber and server infrastructure

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our integration of Microsoft Teams into classical telephony

  • Telephone calls with Microsoft Teams to landline and mobile networks
  • Can be combined with IP telephony and cloud telephone system
  • Central communication via a uniform interface

Landline plus internet for business.
Added value for you.


Powerful telephone and internet solutions ensure seamless communication in a fast-paced, modern business world. We help you to manage your business processes more effectively. Our fully comprehensive telephone and internet solutions for business customers offer you the following benefits.


  • Guaranteed minimum bandwidth for uploads and downloads
  • Excellent regional network performance
  • Optimally coordinated hardware and configuration 


  • High-speed data transmission up to 100 Gbit/s
  • Direct fiber optic connection to your building
  • Fast connections with maximum sound quality


  • Rental model facilitates cost planning
  • Investment security
  • Network monitoring within Germany with direct contact to experts
Business Internet

Choosing the right telephone and internet solutions.

When selecting suitable landline and internet solutions for business customers, it is important to consider the following criteria:

Availability – Not every type of connection can be installed in every area. Availability depends on the existing infrastructure and network technology. We would be happy to advise you on the appropriate plans for your location.

Product variety – You can choose between Internet Pro, Internet Plus and Internet Pure Speed. All three tariffs offer impressive high-speed internet coverage and can be combined with a telephony service. With Internet Pro Secure, you get IT security and a fast internet service in a single package.

Reasonable price – We can offer you a rental model for your internet connection. The cost of a telephony solution depends on the services required. We will provide you with comprehensive advice on the ideal internet and telephony solution for business customers.