Mega-fast fiber optic internet connections for business.

Your high-speed business internet connection.

Welcome to the network of the future.

Choose speed over frozen screens – with a fiber optics-based internet connection from PŸUR Business. Book your connection to the future now and add a telephony and security option as required.

With a fiber optic internet connection from PŸUR Business, your company will be ready to face the challenges of the future.


Choose the right plan for your speed requirements and benefit from the latest technology. Our fiber optics-based business internet connection reaches speeds of 100 Gbit/s.


Our high-availability products are what make the powerful PŸUR Business network so compelling. Guaranteed symmetrical or asymmetrical bandwidths ensure a stable and reliable connection.


This optimal communications solution is a high-speed internet connection and compatible voice service rolled into one. With the Secure Option, you can also ensure that your network is secure.

Your internet connection. Your choice.

Need an internet connection that downloads and uploads data at the same speed?  

Then our Internet Pro fiber optic direct connection is exactly what you’re looking for. Only Internet Pro offers unrestricted performance, guaranteed speeds without amplification and freely scalable symmetrical upload and download bandwidths. For an internet connection without compromises.

Or are you looking for a technology-independent internet solution that is also available at your location?

Internet Plus is available at almost any location in Germany thanks to our proprietary and third-party network infrastructure and four different network technologies. Our low-cost Internet Plus plans are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that need a fast and simple internet solution.