Secure, scalable, efficient: the KRITIS Cloud.

Private cloud solutions for critical infrastructures. Specially developed for the healthcare, finance and energy industries.

A revolution for data security and efficiency.

KRITIS companies are facing growing challenges. Increasing digitalisation of patient data or the transmission and processing of complex medical information in real time are creating greater complexity in the healthcare sector. The protection of sensitive data is also of the utmost importance in the financial sector and energy supply, as the number and intensity of cyber attacks are increasing year on year.

In the midst of this dynamic, the private cloud plays a crucial role by providing a secure and customised IT infrastructure for KRITIS companies.

Our Infrastructure as a Service solution includes a cloud hosting service that enables you to outsource critical IT infrastructures to a high-security environment under German data sovereignty and thus fulfil all regulatory requirements.

Important IT resources such as servers, storage space or network components can be rented in our private cloud environment instead of having to maintain them yourself. Billing is based exclusively on usage, so there are no additional costs for the purchase of hardware or software.

With PŸUR Business, you get a flexible product based on the highly available VMware vSphere platform with high-quality system components from Pure Storage and Veeam. Our cloud servers are also scalable at any time and as required based on the parameters CPU, RAM and flash storage.

The Private Cloud is particularly suitable for these sectors.


The healthcare sector is facing ever-growing challenges, be it the increasing digitalisation of patient data or the need to process complex medical information in real time. Here, the private cloud enables fast and secure processing of large volumes of data, which is crucial for precise diagnostics and treatment plans.


Agile financial platforms rely on lightning-fast, secure processing of financial transactions and resilience to cyber threats. The use of a private cloud solution under German data sovereignty enables finance companies and fintechs to develop and operate their business-critical services in a secure environment without incurring additional regulatory costs.

Energy industry

From responsive grid control and real-time monitoring of energy systems to the integration of renewable energy, the private cloud is helping to transform the energy supply and ultimately shape a sustainable energy future. While the industry is facing challenges, innovative technologies in a private cloud are opening up new horizons for a forward-looking energy supply.

Your data remains in Germany.

We host your data securely and with high availability in Leipzig.

Cloud solutions for critical infrastructures require a high level of data security, which we guarantee in our PŸUR Business data centre in Leipzig. With the TÜViT Trusted Site Infrastructure 4.3 Level 3 (extended) certificate, we offer you a secure environment and you fulfil all legal requirements and compliance specifications.

The KRITIS cloud from PŸUR Business provides you with a highly available and modern IT infrastructure with maximum reliability. With our location in Leipzig, your data and applications never leave Germany. This means you are not subject to any foreign legislation, such as the US Patriot Cloud Act.

KRITIS Cloud from PŸUR Business: key benefits.

Data protection and compliance

With our cloud server solutions, you fulfil all legal requirements and compliance specifications from GDPR to BaFin, Basel II, KonTraG, KRITIS and SOX. Your data remains in Germany.

Security and control

We offer you highly available and redundant cloud servers with almost 100 per cent reliability. Rely on a fast, state-of-the-art, flexible and virtual IT infrastructure in your company.

Performance and scalability

With our KRITIS Cloud, you can adjust your capacities at any time without purchasing any physical IT infrastructure. You can customise your cloud according to CPU, RAM and flash storage.

Reliable cloud solutions with expert advice.

Critical infrastructure (KRITIS) forms the backbone of our society and is also a favoured target for complex cyber threats. In this context, the private cloud plays a crucial role in providing companies in the key sectors of healthcare, finance and energy supply with a secure IT infrastructure.

We are a data centre and cloud service provider for KRITIS companies. With us, you can quickly find the right IaaS solution for you. Let us know your situation and together we will find your optimal IT infrastructure set-up.