Rent a server rack in a data center. A safe place for your data.

Colocation in the PŸUR Business data center.

Flexible rental options.

We offer state-of-the-art server racks for outsourcing your companies IT infrastructure. With PŸUR Business, you can rent rack space in different height units in the Berlin data center as well as in the Leipzig data center and the Düsseldorf data center.

Place your data and servers in a secure location outside your company and receive rack space with power supply, air conditioning as standard and optional data connection.

Rent rack space and benefit from many advantages.

High availability and reliability

  • Modern data centers with the best infrastructure.
  • Redundant fiber connections to PŸUR's national high-availability transport network.
  • Redundant, uninterruptible power supply (A and B strand).
  • Modern air conditioning and fiber optic in-house cabling. 

High security & top certifications

  • TÜViT Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) 4.3 Level 3 (extended), EN 50600 Availability Class 3, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications
  • Access control, video surveillance and intrusion alarm system as well as fire protection, fire alarm and extinguishing technology.
  • Data hosting in Germany, the German servers are subject to the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

Cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability

  • Scale IT infrastructure quickly and easily.
  • Racks, cages or private rooms.
  • More cost-effective than operating your own IT infrastructure
  • Expert support and experienced technical staff to help you maintain IT infrastructure.

IT racks. Rent and scale your secure IT solution flexibly.

Grow and scale flexibly. If you need more rack space, we provide additional racks for rent. Choose to rent a rack space, cage or private room in a PŸUR Business data center depending on your needs. While a rack is a server cabinet for rent, a cage is a lockable, partitioned steel cage. A private room is a lockable and monitored room. The differences are in size and control over infrastructure. They are the solution for organizations that require a dedicated environment for their IT infrastructure and want maximum control and protection. If you are unsure which IT solution is right for your business, we will be happy to advise you personally.

Rent IT rack space. Technical details.

Learn more about the typical equipment features of racks in the PŸUR Business data center. Choose a secure space for your servers, network devices and other IT infrastructure. A team of experts will assist you with the placement and installation of racks and servers. Together, we'll ensure an effective rack setup, including cable management, power supply verification, network connectivity and in-rack climate control.

  • Dimensions and sizes. Housing rack with 18 or 40 height units (HE). Standard dimensions of 800 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,000 mm (W × D × H) in Berlin. Housing racks in 10, 22 and 48 height units; standard dimensions: 600 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,400 mm, standard rack depth 1,200 mm in Leipzig
  • Security & Air Conditioning – Rackspace with cold aisle containment. Server cabinets with lockable doors.
  • Infrastructure. 24/7 access to your racks. Centrally located, easily accessible by car and public transport.
  • Modern set-up. Racks can be expanded at any time. Individual rack housing solutions possible.

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Managed Services for your server space in the data center.

360° Managed Service.

Are you looking for ways to lighten the load on your internal IT? With our full managed service partner, we organize your IT operations. The service desk looks after your own and your off premise environment, your cloud or hybrid solution. We provide holistic support for your IT with fast response times at a fixed monthly price. Both remotely and on-site.

Expert on Demand.

Do you have bottlenecks in your IT department and need to cover peaks? With the Expert on Demand service, you benefit from personal consulting as well as highly qualified and certified support for your IT infrastructure. You can rely on in-depth expertise, a wealth of experience and close wiring to the various technology partners.

IT Monitoring.

Would you like to significantly minimize your IT risks? Seamless monitoring of the IT landscape ensures that faults are detected, escalated and documented. Well-documented monitoring data also enables strategic decisions to be made regarding capacity planning, performance and cost analysis. Let us observe your infrastructure professionally with our monitoring.

Rent a rack: FAQs.